Since my university  graduation l`ve been   trying to  build my business and technical capabilities constantly.  As we all know, this process never ends, especially in the IT industry, which is deweloping very fast. Below, there  is a list of schools  I`ve  completed  along with a brief description of education:

Postgraduate Bussiness English studies at the Kozminski University in Warsaw (2011-2012)

Two semesters study program included linguistic issues related to business and finances. The weekend courses consisted both: business writting parts, as well as independent projects, ending in presentations to the group.
In order to graduate I had to pass two exams, which I did with a grade ”B”

Master’s studies at the School of Engineering in Radom, Faculty of Economics, majoring in Economics and Organization of Enterprise with specialization in food economy (1990-1995)

The 5-years studies in the time of polity transition in Poland
gave me a solid foundation in the field of, among others: economics, statistics, accounting, which I use in a daily consulting practice.
By writing and defending a thesis on ” Worker participation in Radom Refractory Materials Plant “I `ve recived a master degree in economics with a grade ”A”.

Technical College of Agricultural Mechanization in Radom-Wacyn (1985-1990)

This 5-years college of technical direction allowed me to meet, beside the educational standards (mathematics, physics, chemistry, Polish language) other rules such: technology, material science, technical drawing or mechanics. To this day I use this knowledge, although in private life than work, but knowledge of Russian language happens to be very handy in my career.
In 1990 I passed theschool-leaving exams with grades ”a” and ”B”.