Winshuttle, the American company is a leader in providing software to automate the process of entering and obtaining data between the environment of MS Office (Excel, Access) and the products of SAP (ECC, CRM, SCM, PLM, etc.). My experience of cooperation with Winshuttle is quite big and it goes back to 2004, where I met this solution and then I bought it for my own purposes. For all these years I`ve been actively using an application called Transactional Shuttle to all kinds of data automation entry into SAP. In my case (consultant) migration process data matters the most, which is always part of implementation projects. Using Transactioanl Shuttle I`m able to prepare tools for data migration, migrate quickly and efectively. Comparing the workload and effects to classical SAP tools (LSMW, CATT, SXDA, MASS .. .) I have to say that Winshuttle’s tools significantly reduce data migration process in this area. I often realize only part of the project that relies on data migration or procedure management productive start. Then as Data Convertion Manager or cutover Manager I use an application service Transactional Shutter supposedly migrating large data sets from external systems to SAP.
It happens that the customer, after the smooth migration of data, decides to license the program and continue using it to automate daily, recurring business operations, eg. Recording sales orders or recording the results of quality control.
I’m not a distributor of Winshuttel but onlylicence owner of this software and I use it when I outsource data migration tasks or as a tool to support the data processing in the course of SAP projects.