For over 10 years, MAJ Consulting was an authorized representative of the Swedish ReadSoft company in Poland. We were the first and for many years the only partner in this area. In this period, as the person managing MAY Consulting and implementation of ReasSoft projects I had a chance to get familliar extensively with solutions offered by ReadSoft to broadly defined document management in the enterprise. These are a novel-in-class systems to digitize documents together with the entire IT environment to manage these documents in a business environment. The ReadSoft solutions are not just another system of ECM (Enterprise Content Management), but much, much more . MAY Consulting from the beginning, was focused on solutions in the area of ​​processing purchase invoices along with the integration of these tools with SAP. It is worth mentioning thatI`ve participated in the location of Documents for Invoices solution to the Polish conditions both language and legislation. For many years, I`ve personally took part in a series of courses and workshops for partners, about getting knowledge of ReadSoft portfolio products and I have certificates confirming my competence in this area.
In addition to theoretical knowledge ,during the time of collaboration we have completed about 10 ReadSoft projects , usually with SAP integration . Issues related to scanning, OCR-class systems and interfacing to SAP invoices are deeply familiar to me. In addition, products supporting the traditional form of communication, like handling paper invoices as e-invoices, invoices sent by EDI or pdf ReadSoft environment are known to me.
the company ReadSoft beyond recognition technology that allows data from invoices and sending it to the ERP system (SAP) offers a variety of tools to support management processes these invoices. Of course, here comes into play class system Workflow into circulation and authorization of invoices, which for the SAP environment is called INVOICES COCKPIT. Allegedly on the occasion of implementations INVOICES + COCKPIT there are issues concerning the operation of assignment (multiple) invoices or visualization combined with external repositories archiving content.
At the present time (especially in Poland and in countries with competitive rates of remuneration) many Shared Service Centers appeared-internal or external outsourcing, well suited to process the AP. Scanning and registration of invoices is a tedious process and moving it to markets with low labor costs + consolidation and standardization process,this provide to excellent economic results. Purchase invoices registration in suchspread out environment brings different challenges involving the use of a centralized or decentralized scanning process invoices, integration, often with multiple ERP systems or spread out paths acceptance documents. Providing a stable environment for access to documents (both objects in the ERP system as well as images of documents in the repository content) securely through a web interface is a standard requirement.
For many years of realization ReadSoft projects for major European corporations I`ve been introduced to various methods of the AP process. I’m going to use the accumulated experience later in my consulting practice, but now ReadSoft solutions are in addition to my expertise in the field of logistics. There are currently no distribution deal with ReadSoft software licenses as well as implementation projects closely ReadSoft solutions.