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The SAP company needs no introduction on the market of ERP systems. It`s a strong leader on the world and Polish market in the field of business applications. Following the history of SAP since its very begining in 1970 you can notice what is the direction of company development and how innovative products successfully it launches on world markets. From the year 2008 MAJ Consulting and SAP are partners.  Initiated by SAP Extended Business Partnership program in order to integrate SAP ecosystem on the small level, including one-person companies affiliating consultants. This cooperation is not only the Logo and marketing benefits. MAJ Consulting is an active provider of consulting services for SAP Poland (including SAP Training Center Poland) as well as for SAP customers within the framework of the actual projects. More about the company and products SAP you can learn on the site: http://www.sap.com/poland/about.html


APICS is an international organization established in the United States (seted in Chicago) holding companies and people from the broadly understood logistics. Over the last few decades – since the early 60s of the last century – APICS sets the logistics standards, that would later be taken over by organizations, companies and information system.
APICS conducts extensive educational activities combined with certification of acquired competences.
The most recognizable of APICS educational programs include:
CIMP – Certifield in Inventory Management and Production
CSCP – Certifield of Professional Supply Chain
In 2014 APICS fused with another leading logistical organization the SCC (Supply Chain Council), which resulted in the introduction of SCOR standard (Supply Chain Operations Reference) to APICS educational offer.
Since 2015 Anthony May has been a member of APICS and actively participates in CPIM training and certification program- calculated completion of certification (passing 5 exams) is the beginning of 2016.
More about APICS on www.apics.org
We also invite you to join the thmatic group called tICS-Poland through the site APICS-Poland Group