About me

Carrier history

Stage One: My early career in ITM Poland

It’s been 20 years since I took my master exam at University of Enggineering ( Faculty of Economics) in Radom, named Kazimierz Pulaski (presently Technical University of Radom). From the very beginning my professional activity was related to the economy , particular to logistics. My first job at the International Tabaco Machinery Poland Ltd. (a division of the Dutch corporation producing machines for the tobacco industry) as a Senior Purchasing Specialist on the electrical division, directed my further professional interests, which whom I am loyal to this day.
My professional career in ITM Poland was quite fast. I have finished it in 1998 (after 3.5 years) as Head Manager of the Central Purchasing Department. I`ve been managing team of 12 person and I was responsible for purchasing production materials and MRO.
The turning point of my work in ITM was the ERP system implementation project (Baan), in which I was involved as a key user in the area of ​​purchasing and storage. After the successful launch of the system in January 1998, I`ve realized that this kind of work suits me very well and I would like to do in the future.

Stage Two: Building the references of SAP in Lumena

Things moved quite fast and in September, the same year I became a consultant. I`ve made decision about changing system from Baan to SAP. Taking into consideration farther story of BaaN system, it was best choice I`ve ever made in my career.
My adventure with SAP began from work in Warsaw’s company, Lumena Ltd., as a SAP junior consultant in MM module. At the beginning, I`ve had training sessions in the SAP Poland Training Centre, called Team SAP Academy, in the framework of the MM module. Then, it came time for the first projects, which in my case were internal SAP implementation in Lumena and then in the energy supply company in Torun (PL).
During this period (June 1999) I participated in my first certification of SAP – with positive result. I received a Certificate of SAP MM module for the SAP R/3 3.x version.
As part of a regular 3.5 years job in Lumena, I`ve realized a number of projects in the SAP MM module and built competences in other areas of SAP, for example The QM Management and Workflow / DMS.
As a result of the turbulences in the IT market in the early 21st century and temporary industry issues, I`ve started my career as an independent consultant – then, I was one of the first freelancers in Poland.

Stage Three: The establishment and development of MAJ Consulting

MAJ Consulting as a business activity was registered in December 2001 (and in unchnaged legal form exists still ). Initially, in cooperation with Lumena and later with other large companies implementing SAP in Poland and Europe, I participated in a number of implementation projects (list of projects available here). It was a very intense period of construction further competencies in logistics, especially in the WM, PP and SD modules. At the begining, it was one-man company, but with time it expanded up to 9 consultants in the peak moment in 2009 .
During this time very imported events happened:
a) 2005- establishing cooperation and partnership agreement with ReadSoft, Swedish company,
b) 2008- Signing a partnership agreement with SAP (see tab Partners)
At this time, I have focused on mentioned above, two areas of competences, often doing the SAP implementation projects and ReadSoft simultaneously, as an integrated solution.
Because of the innovative nature of the ReadSoft solutions I took part in a number of courses regarding ReadSoft advanced tools of processing, purchasing invoices and SAP integration.

Stage four: stabilization, based on the own abilities

As a result of market turbulances, caused by the crisis in the years 2009 – 2012, the demand for SAP services and especially ReadSoft has evolved, but, I still took part in the large international projects . Also, for a first time in in my career, I took Project Manager and Solution Architect project tasks. Especially the Solution Architect one was very interesting to me, therefore several entries on my CV apppeared as SA.
Gradually, from the beginning of the second decade of the 21st century, because of constantly expansions of SAP competences in the area of ​​widely understood logistics, I`ve decided to move toward business consulting – or rather, building unique competencies combining their purely SAP knowledge with strictly logistical. Hence the decision about choosing the path of training and certification within the APICS organization, more specific- program CIMP (Certifield in Inventory Management and Production) – more detail in the section of APICS.
At the same time, after 10 years of cooperation, I resigned from further development of competencies within the ReadSoft system, fully focusing on logistics solutions in the SAP environment.
Working in business consulting I do not forget about the development of competences within SAP, especially new product. In 2014 I obtained the certificate with the knowledge of SAP EWM (Extended Warehouse Management) as one of the first in Poland, and maybe the first.
Because MAY Consulting as a business organization fully achieved (and even exceeded) established in 2001 targets, I feel professionally fulfilled as an bussinesman.
Nowdays cames the time for new tasks / projects realization, which in particular fit my interests and passions. Because it has always been a logistics so the choice seems natural …

Stage five: 2014 and future

Who know whot comes in future? COMMING SOON! Please follow look into Plans for future page